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    In the ad announcing the annual meeting, the school district clerk accurately stated that the law that controls propositions to be voted upon is Education law 2008. Part 2 of the law is the section that applies to the grassroots propositions that were submitted to be voted upon on May 21 2013.
     Now the Board of Education is pretending that they can ignore the law. They have refused to put the proposal up for a vote. According to a newspaper account, our superintendent was so hell bent on pushing for a merger without a vote so he was quoted as saying that the school board voted against putting the propositions on the ballot "Because they would violate New York State law on voting for school mergers".
     First, the superintendent should start reading the legal notices that the district clerk puts out. In those notices the controlling law for petitions is accurately identified as the before mentioned Education Law 2008.


Part 2. is the section that applies to our case.

THE LAW                                                                                                                    IMPACT OF THE LAW ON THE GRASSROOTS PETITION

2. Upon the filing with the trustee or board of education of a petition requesting such officers to call a special meeting, which petition shall state the purpose thereof and shall be signed by twenty-five qualified voters  or five percent of the number of voters who voted in the previous annual election of the members of the board of education trustees, said number to be determined by the number of persons recorded on the poll list as having voted at such election, whichever shall be greater, such trustee or board of education shall proceed to call such meeting by giving notice thereof within twenty days thereafter unless it shall appear The proposition had the required amount of signatories and met all requirements of the law.

The bold text clearly shows that the petition MUST be put up for a vote. A notice must be given within 20 days. That time ran out on May 9'th so now the school board is risking a lawsuit that you as taxpayer have to pay for!

a) that the purpose for which such meeting is sought to be called is not within the power of the voters of the district, or The voters in S-VE have of course the same rights than voters in other districts that have voted on similar issues.
(b) that such purpose is illegal No illegalities were proposed.
(c) that a bond note resolution has been adopted and such petition is not filed within the power of the voters of the district, or Does not apply.
(d) that other valid reason exists for refusing to call such meeting when appealed to the commissioner of education shall be deemed by him to be sufficient cause for such refusal. Taking away the right to vote on a important issue that will for all future increase travel time,

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