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In his 2013 campaign letter for the budget vote, the superintendent starts off with the claim that the state aid has been reduced by 5.1 million dollars since 2010-2011. (See above.) He is apparently trying to spin the reason for the proposed local tax increase which is four times bigger than, for example in Owego. Great campaign line, but not true.

So, what was the state aid in 2010-2011? Below a copy of the 2010 budget.

In 2010 we received state aid:

Regular state aid $10,346,017
Building aid            2,220,464

In 2013-2014 the projected state aid is:
Regular state aid $10,372,784
Building aid       $2,528,073

So the $5.1 million cut is fiction, and the state aid in fact, went up 0.3 million! THE STATE AID IS UP, DESPITE A 5% DECLINE IN STUDENT POPULATION!  There should be some limit of the tall tales that are spoon fed to the voters! The budget letter in the mail is the only information the voters get. It is outrageous that taxpayer money is used to spread that kind of  manipulating propaganda!

Budget 2010-2011:

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Budget 2013-2014         

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A lesson from History;
A former superintendent got the S-VE School district in big financial trouble by doing the same mistake as our present superintendent. He was also fantasizing about the district deserving more state aid on some grounds. He even had the fictional state aid as an asset in the book keeping! The deficit had to be made up from local tax money, and was partial reason for the 29.9% local tax increase in 2005.

The lesson for the superintendent should be: Quit whining and fantasizing about state aid that will not be paid out. Don’t use the imaginary money in your campaign propaganda.

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