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The Candor school board voted on September 19, to go forward with the merger with S-VE.
     The S-VE board will no doubt do the same. Three board members have resigned since the election in May. They have been replaced with "yes" men for the merger. Some of them have been on the merger committee. To demonstrate how far they will go: In the final report these people listed the loss of school colors as an disadvantage in case of a merger, but abandoning the Spencer school and leaving Spencer without a school was not considered a disadvantage!
     The next step after both School Boards have voted for the merger is the "straw poll vote." Candor set their vote at Dec 3’rd. This will be the first opportunity for the voters to stop this nonsense. If either of the communities vote against it, it should be over. But with S-VE’s record of ignoring the laws, perhaps not.
    There should by law also be a third opportunity for the voters to reject the merger. 
     The Candor board thus committed the Candor taxpayers to pay their share of the 22 million that S-VE owes for the present buildings as well as the proposed 3 million additions to the Spencer High school. It makes SOO much sense to close a school a mile away and build an addition unto an other! We are so lucky to have these high power brains rearranging our communities!

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